Student life and confinement


1. Find out about all the latest news posted online

2. Make a study schedule similar to exams period, in a lighter version.

3. Optimize your time

4. Stay focused on your initial objectives

5. Stay healthy

                                                                      Track new updates regularly

Remember to check your emails, especially your school or university email, daily so as not to miss any changes or important updates. Indeed, in view of this period of instability, new measures are taken little by little every single day. Check the terms of each of your courses, if a course is canceled it is better to be aware of it ahead of time!

Light study schedule

There’s no point in starting a hectic schedule now and pulling all-nighters at this point. If you use all your reserves now, you will have none left for the long exam period that awaits you. What you want is a well-kept marathon at a good pace, regular and organized work to give that will lead to positive results. To do this, I suggest that you establish daily goals and take time to think about these each evening. This will give you a reason to get up the next morning and fall asleep with the satisfaction of having ticked all the boxes on your “to do list”.


Optimize your time

If you are a morning person and you work best at 7:00 am, do not hesitate to sit down seriously on your work at that time to be able to reward yourself with a more relaxed end of the day. On the contrary, if you work better in the evening, think of isolating yourself to work and avoid being influenced by the rest of the family who are probably busy watching TV or doing other things. Try to limit the time you spend reading things that are neither constructive nor useful for your development on social media. Instead, dedicate a time limit that you spend on the web and decide in advance what you want to accomplish in this time. By improving the management of your interaction with the web, you can learn a lot during this time of confinement. For example, you could learn new software.


Stay focused on goals

Covid19 is not good enough a reason to stop everything. You had dreams and projects along the way before this global crisis, so keep them going. Do not lose sight of what you started, stand firm at all costs. It is an immensely difficult time that the whole world has to face, and you too will come out on top with successful projects.

I have to acknowledge that we are not made to stay confined and people live this experience differently. If you need to be accompanied, there is a free coaching service which is available on where you can find coaches who will support and advise you during this period.


Stay healthy physically and spiritually


Without doubt, if we neglect the security regulations imposed by the government (wherever you may be located), we will collectively suffer from such poor decisions. Let us, therefore, stay at home and take advantage of this confinement to excel in our work. Confinement is also no excuse for letting go. You should not suddenly get out of confinement with extra pounds and/ or feel bad about yourself. Some women can jog or walk for 30 minutes regularly. If that’s your case and the law allows it, do not stop. On the other hand, if you like to stay at home, there are many channels on YouTube (eg. PopSugar) that can help you stay active even in your bedroom.

Then staying in good spiritual health will simply allow you to get through this crisis better and with the ability to comfort others. Take the time to pray for the medical staff in your region, for the civil authorities and for the church. Many times, it is by praying for others that God answers our most intimate requests, so take courage and give yourself the means to succeed.


By Joyeuse Musabyimana

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