A refuge in times of trouble

‘The Lord is good, a refuge in the day of trouble; He cares for those who trust in him’. Nahum 1.7


Our world is facing the coronavirus, also called COVID- 19. We see how the great, the humble, the strong, the weak, the rich, the poor, believers and atheists are all overcome by fear of this disease. Scientists and politicians are also overwhelmed. The situation seems to be getting out of control all over the world. There are tears on the whole planet, death strikes and roams everywhere, more and more the feeling of fear wins the hearts of many. And social distancing does not help in terms of mitigating these feelings. In fact, social distancing has brought issues of its own such as increased distrust or the rejection of the other. These are difficult times because relationships with others, outings, church gatherings, family gatherings have all been cancelled. Everything has been halted and nothing is happening the way it used to.

Despite all I just described, we cannot but say that God is good. He has always been good and will remain good no matter what the circumstances may be. Even if we do not understand all that is going on around us, the identity of God’s goodness does not change. Sadly, some have left our world but for those of us who are still here, we must recognize God’s goodness and that he is our refuge. He is good and a refuge in the day of illness, crisis, and failure. He is our refuge during covid19. He remains good even during the days when death seems to be everywhere around us. His kindness does not change according to the circumstances of life. It is always this refuge which brings security and protection for whoever runs to him.


Say it out loud

God is good and he is my refuge. If you look deeply into your life you will see that God is good. He has kept you for years and he has been your asylum. When you think of the things the Lord has done in your life, it feels good and gives you morale. Here is what I will remember that the goodness of the Lord is not finished. ‘Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.’ Lam 3.22


A safe place

In this uncertain and increasingly disturbed world, God is a place where we find refuge. It is true that life is an adventure of ups and downs. Still, in this mysterious adventure God knows the road and he is a refuge for his own. He protects against all danger, depression, discouragement, anxiety and worry. Even when you cry, know that God is your refuge and that his goodness for your life is infinite. Through what may seem as total incomprehension of what is going on in your life, do not stop believing in God’s Word and the refuge He is to you. Unhappiness can affect you, but God always remains a solid refuge. He is the only one in whom we find peace despite the storms around us. And with him we can cross all fears with a serene and confident heart. ‘The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.’ Prov. 18;10


Keep your head up

Keep your head above the water, do not drown in life’s worries.When dangerous storms strike our spiritual life, illness eats away our physical strength, COVID-19 health crisis turns our world upside down, and the financial crisis hits our finances; only Christ the Lord is our safe shelter. The Lord remains the provider of our needs. Even if you feel helpless and powerless, resist the pressure and focus on the positive. By closing the door to discouraging voices, sing hymns of praise and count the blessings of the Lord in your life. That will give you the courage and enable you to evaluate your plans, to start again if necessary and to ask for help either through prayer or seeking advice. God is with you and you will get there. ‘I lift up my eyes to the mountains -where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.’ Psalm 121:1-2

Is Christ your refuge in the day of distress?

Have you learned to hide in Him?

The Lord is my refuge in the day of crisis! I decide to trust him and let him lead me through green pastures.

By Delphine M.

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  1. Thank you! It is important that we are reminded of these simple truths.His mercies begin afresh each morning. He is our stronghold and refuge in all circumstances.

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