She is starting! Diane Ufitinema – CEO of Dinemarts

Diane Ufitinema has been passionate about the fashion world for several years. Throughout her twenties she observed, studied, traveled between Africa and Europe to accumulate the necessary know-how to put her own creations on the market. Her training in communication and specialization in customer relationship negotiation allows Diane U. to use her skills at work and in her business.

“It all started with a dream that I wanted to realize at all costs: to work for myself”

Her concept is to bring the warmth of African colors in all their elegance to your home. Diane took the time to study her clientele to offer quality products, modern and adapted to our contemporary lifestyle.

Dinemarts offers

  • Clothing accessories for men and women
  • Jewelry
  • Wall decoration
  • Linen for living room, dining room and kitchen
  • Clothing for men and women
  • Bags and scarves for women

Through a smart combination of fabrics such as Wax, Bazin or silk, the Dinemarts concept does not only facilitate its customers who no longer have to wait several months to get an African fabric or; waste time looking for a tailor who will make you wait even more. She promises something exclusive: her online store will offer trendy products in a single click, with delivery available in Europe and North America. Besides, we can already start to discover her products on social media : Instagram and Facebook.

Since her affiliation with Femmes d’Espérance, Diane has worked tirelessly from the beginning of this year. Her determination allows her to get through the COVID-19 crisis despite all the difficulties we can imagine in relation to suppliers and deliveries at the moment. One thing is certain, when work meets passion, nothing can stand in the way of success.

Most young entrepreneurs who decide to go into business cannot afford to leave their jobs to devote themselves entirely to their start-up. You often have to manage both until the day you can make a living from your passion. To get there, Diane had to make some critical decisions. For her, it was absolutely necessary that God be above all to guide her step by step. Then she had to reassess her time management to identify her priorities and the things she could put aside.

“I give thanks to God who gave me a husband who understands me and who supports me”

It is one thing to overcome the challenges that young entrepreneurs face but, then, if you do not have a support system, you can be defeated quickly once you hit the market. For her, her spouse plays an important role in fulfilling her dream through encouragement and prayer. There is more! He also puts his professional experience in finances at the service of Dinemarts to strengthen the base on which Diane builds her business. All this to say that the life partner you choose can do or destroy what God has put on your heart.

Her word of wisdom for all

“For all those who are tempted to do business, go ahead and overcome fear. You are more than capable and know that to get to the top… the route always starts at the bottom of the ladder. With the little that you have, get started and with good discipline your work will bear fruit gradually. There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than working for yourself and I am delighted to see that more and more women, especially women of African descent, have understood this. So, if like me you want to live your dream, now is the time! ” -Diane Ufitinema


by Josephine Ma

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