Press Release: Femmes d’Espérance is incorporated

After two years of community building and networking, Femmes d’Espérance is now an incorporated association in Canada.

Ottawa, December 21st , 2020, Femmes d’Espérance announced today that it is incorporated as a non-profit organisation, in Canada. The new entity’s headquarters are located in Canada’s capital city Ottawa, 116 Albert Street, Suites 300, ON K1P 5G3.

In order to fairly represent our members, it was important that the founder and founding director Dr Josephine Uwineza works with a team located in the same areas as the women we serve in Europe and North America. The following are the new directors of the organisations.

  • Canada: Dr Joséphine Uwineza, founding director
  • United States: Miss Victoire-Grâce Karambizi, director
  • France: Ms Diane Ufitinema, director
  • Belgium: Miss Déborah Mukantagara, director

We’ve come to a point in our organisation where we needed to incorporate in order to move to the next step. We want to expand our reach and impact more women but most importantly, it was important to us to create a transparent and accountable entity. This is an exciting step for Femmes d’Espérance and we are currently preparing for new work and volunteer opportunities for our members.’, said Dr Joséphine Uwineza.

Femmes d’Espérance strives to celebrate, empower and promote women, especially those of racialized backgrounds. We welcome all who adhere to our mission and vision to become members. Find out more about how you can get involved (here) and feel free to contact us (here) for additional information.

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