Invitation: Multipontentiality with Jenny Bassinet

You’re invited !

This June 5th at Live instagram @femmesdesperance at 8:00 p.m.

Jenny Bassinet, co-manager of the non-profit organization, will talk to us about multipotentiality. This live will break your limits and enlighten you on your gifts and talents.

In short, if you have several interests, if you are lost when someone asks you “what do you want to do later?”, If you ask yourself lots of questions about your potential, be there on Saturday June 5th at 8pm!


Jenny Bassinet –Bio

Jenny, 29, is of Martinican origin. She co-directs a Christian Media called Inspirtv which is an audiovisual association committed to sharing the Gospel through the production of creative videos, accessible to all. (See also Inspired Films about Powerful Stories on ZYStudio)


With her education background in cinema, Jenny was able to work with large groups like Coca Cola or Uber.

At the same time, she likes to help people enter into their destiny. Jenny does this through various events and recently, thanks through her personal Instagram account.

She is also passionate art in general.


By Grace Brialmont

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