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Tracy Sibomana is a Christian author who just published her first devotional in French. Though she had no previous experience in publishing, Tracy proves to all the women who are out there that when God puts something on your heart, He is faithful to see you through. The condition is simple: you must be obedient to His voice. As you read through the lines of this article, you will see that Tracy offers what many of us, women, have been craving for… a devotional that keeps it real and tackles the pain of menstruation with grace.

“In my opinion it is going to be too difficult to explain, maybe they won’t understand, and then I’m not a writer, who do I think I am?” This is how Tracy’s great journey began in writing her very first devotional: The Impact of the Cross on Periods.

A devotional is a collection of daily meditation that can accompany you in your intimate moments with God.

But the topic of this devotional is interesting. It is about a subject that has received little attention in French Christian literature. Even where this topic was written about, it still was not enough for our author, who decided to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and share His inspiration with us. For you, we went to ask her a few questions about her journey as well as some clarifications about this intriguing devotional.

Starting from the beginning, it’s 2018 and Tracy is going to a Christian camp where she has the opportunity to meet a pastor. He decides to pray for her and reveals to her, without Tracy having spoken about it, that God wishes to deliver her from these period pains.

At that point, she is convinced that it is the voice of God. The following months after that encounter, her period pain started fading away because she had faith in what this pastor had said. Unfortunately, and very quickly, the nightmare started again. What happened?

Indeed, Tracy had not yet understood or had her own revelation about authority. Though she believed in the pastor’s faith, this was not enough to overcome and possess the victories of the cross.

A few years forward, in summer of 2020, Tracy took time to read and that is when she received a revelation that changed everything: She did not have to endure this pain anymore!

She decided to take 30 days of divine proclamation, 30 days of dedication, 30 days during which Tracy was able to experience the hand of God and its blessings. Because yes, a visible change was taking place outside but also inside of her.

When we asked about how the writing begun, this is what she said: “Well one morning God convinced me that I should not keep what I had experienced to myself because other women needed it,” she confided. Indeed, Tracy is just one of many women to experience such painful periods each month of the year and God has found an instrument of service through her to touch a multitude.

Once her collection was completed, it was time for feedback. Tracy was positively surprised by the diversity of her readers but also of the comments. A large majority were affected because these people were concerned about the topic, but others were not, either because they did not have painful periods or simply because they were men. However, Tracy found that this devotional could touch and speak to anyone for it is God who convinces hearts. Through the feedback, it became evident that God was at work through the devotional: the outcome was much bigger than her own thoughts. Men have been blessed and made this collection their meditation support because they found their share of blessing. Women with no period problems have opened their eyes to what the impact of the cross really is and applied it to other areas of their lives.

Now, what about future plans? Well, Tracy told us that was just the beginning. Indeed, ‘The Impact of the Cross on Menstruation’ is just one part in a series that goes by the name “It is done.” Tracy wishes to discuss topics related to women including fertility, infertility, pregnancy and many more.

If you’ve been reading this devotional throughout February and missed the meet the author event, don’t panic! FdE recorded this interesting and interactive session that you can easily find here :

By Joyeuse M.

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