This is My Story – I understood who I am in Christ!

My name is Josine Uwase, I received the Lord in 2006 but I was doing “spiritual tourism”, that is, going from one church to another. I was a lukewarm Christian in the sense that I did not want Jesus to touch some aspects of my life.

Also, I am a woman who went through a lot of hardships, including a difficult childhood, and that meant that I always based my life on the past thinking that Jesus would magically transform my life. Indeed, the Lord did not abandon me during this period where I searched for my identity. He sent people to encourage me, very brave people.

In 2019, God gave me the grace to meet my big hearted sister Joséphine Ma who has been and is my source of blessing, a perfect instrument that the Lord uses every day to shape me.

We did a video conference in which she asked me a question that moved me and marked the start of my transformation: What is your passion? I thought about it and nothing came to my mind. Then, she advised me to go out, meet people, participate in conferences on different topics in the hope of triggering something in me.

I enjoyed two lectures on the subject of immigrant women in France, but I locked myself back in my comfort zone, telling myself that it was too late to find out.

After self-evaluation, you must build yourself!

For a few weeks after that, I began to wake up every night between 2 and 3a.m. Since I was not sleeping anyway, I started to look into my problem. Looking back, I realize that it was the Lord who woke me up for this little moment of self-assessment. During my meditation, it was the lack of confidence that stood out among my weaknesses.

Before starting something, I would already put up barriers with negative words. As I tried to have more clarity, I started to read the blog on “Femme d’Esperance” website and I was moved to see so many women who are proud to show their love for Jesus, to honor Him with their professional activities and female leaders accomplishing incredible projects.


As I continued reading Ines Fomé (communication coach) caught my attention, so I read her testimony. When I finished reading the word “spiritual identity” did not leave my mind.

I then realized that my identity was just wandering around, it was neither in Jesus, nor in the world so everything fell apart because I was not well anchored in Jesus.

I took a spiritual magnifying glass and began to analyze my life. My negative thoughts, my clothing choices, my words and more, none of these honored the Lord. This is how I began the work to build my spiritual identity.



My encouragement for you

Today I am proud to tell my friends that I belong to Jesus, I do not feel out of place anymore, before making a choice big or small I wonder if it honors the Lord. During this process, I realized that accepting Jesus is not enough.

There are things He is not going to do for us if we do not make up our minds. God wrote a book of love and law (the Bible) for us his children. So, every day we must meditate on this law and abide by it. Very often we pray but we do not want to get up to work, sacrifice ourselves, abandon our idols, we waste our time on social media (which I did) and blame God when we do not move forward.

Praying without obeying God’s law is a waste of time.

Let us be awakened Christians in all areas, Christians who know why they made this choice.

Let’s wake up, educate ourselves, get out of ignorance.

Let us be the light that will illuminate the world.

By Josine Uwase

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