When God Says No

God’s NO is not always a complete dismissal, but sometimes it can be a redirection or a delay. What do you do when things don’t work the way we plan?

The first time I came across this title “When God Says NO”, It was in my study Bible by Chuck Swindoll. It was a commentary regarding when God told David that He would not be the one to build the temple, but that it would be one of his sons. I learned that God’s NO can be a redirection or He might choose someone else to do that specific task you have dreamed of doing. The ways in which we deal with redirection or categorical NOs from God speak highly of our spirituality.

In the past few years, I distinctly remember days and times I had been angry with God for keeping things away that I had prayed for days and nights and for so long. I laid awake in bed most of the night, debating with God and my thoughts; by dawn, I was tired, still angry, but with also a wave of inner peace and an assurance that God is faithful.

In 2018, I decided to go back to school full time; I found a program that I thought would help me reach the next level in my life. I resigned from my work and told everyone that I was moving to Vermont. Two weeks before my final move there, I drove to Vermont, to secure a place to live and make other arrangements with the school. I was so excited, I was going to finally leave the city I have called home and venture on my own.  Well, that didn’t work out. I am still in the same city and back at my undergraduate school, but this has been the best redirection.I saved money in student loans, I had opportunities to work in different labs, and a door to studying for another degree in biology was opened, something that I didn’t think of before. When plans don’t work out as previously arranged, ask God for the strength to continue in the path that He has designed for you. Ultimately, His will for your life is better that whatever you can plan for yourself.

Romans 8:28 says: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Continue to fiercely move ahead in whatever may be your calling on earth, It is certain that you encounter setbacks, discouragement along the way, but you can also rest ensure that all things will work together for you because you love God and have been called for His purpose. I could have been stubborn and forced the move to Vermont, but I would have had to endure the consequences of my disobedience.

God might say NO because you are doing something that He didn’t call you to do. We are all precious in God’s eyes and He created us with our uniqueness, talents, and gifts.  We can’t all do the same things, He has called some to be builders, others doctors, others musicians, and others informatics geeks. This is to say that you have a specific calling in your life and it is up to you to search, to ask for help, and to discover your calling in this life. If you are still, uncertain, and uneasy about your direction, seek help; find a mentor to walk the journey with you. Their role as mentors is to recognize your gifts and talents and assist you to develop those aptitudes. If God chooses someone else to do that specific work that you have dreamt of, make sure that you transfer the knowledge you have acquired to whom He called, and support him/her.

In the Bible, David gathered all the material that his son Solomon would need to build the temple. By the time Solomon started building the temple, he was steps ahead because his father had worked on the plan and gathered the material. Have you ever thought that your journey to your unrealized dreams was for you to accumulate the knowledge possible to help the one God has called to achieve that dream? This is a hard position to be in, but I am sure that it is a very rewarding sacrifice to see the young generation carry the torch.

The word NO is very hard to hear, mostly when you have prayed and cherished a dream for so long, but in all, it is being able to trust God when we don’t understand the reason why that is truly important. I strongly believe that God always has a better plan than ours, all we have to do is accept His redirection and NOs with humility, and knowing that He is a good father and will not withhold anything good from His children.

By Victoire-Grâce Karambizi

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3 thoughts on “When God Says No
  1. I am so impressed by your courage ! God’s NO is hash I might say !! because it comes when one least expect it . In that moment one get angry but God love us and can’t let nothing happen to us without his permission ! I will leave this here . I can go on and on . Praying for faith and Hope . PEACE BE WITH YOU!

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