NO to Violence against Women

This short text is dedicated to all the women who are going through forms of violence. In my experience, Christian circles view this type of suffering as something of pagan life and something that takes place outside the Church.

Published on YouTube on January 10th, 2020, the story of Penielle and Congolese gospel singer Mike Kalambay attracted many comments from vloggers and commentators over the last few days. Sadly, observations made by people who are in different parts of the world and who attend different churches agree on one thing: conjugal violence is a reality in the church of God.

The intention of this post is not to take sides, nor to identify truth from false in all the accounts that are now circulating on social media. Instead, the purpose of this post is to speak to our followers and all the women who visit our platform. We condemn all forms of violence against women.


We condemn all physical violence, verbal and financial abuses perpetrated against women. Whether you are married or single, it is not okay, it is not normal, and it is not acceptable to be subjected to any forms of violence.

Perhaps you think it is your fault or you wonder if you deserved it? NO! you do not deserve humiliating treatment nor should you inflict any form of abuses against others. When two or more people are in conflict, each party involved undoubtedly has some level of responsibility. Our intention is not to fuel disputes among couples, but to clearly state that no disagreement justifies violence.

If you are in an abusive relationship, please get in touch with us, we want to confidentially listen to you, pray with you, and support you!

On behalf of Femmes d’Esperance

Dr Joséphine Ma

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3 thoughts on “NO to Violence against Women
  1. There are topics that are taboo to discuss in church, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Violence against women exist among believers and it is very wrong and we can’t remain silent about it. Marriage is the first institution established by God and His desire was and still for the family to flourish, however there is not flourishing in abuse. We, as members of the Church we have to speak up, we must condemn all acts of violence against women, but also provide a safe environment to discuss this and be healed.
    Thank you Dr. Jos, for speaking up on this delicate topic.

  2. What was Mike kalambay,s justification for beaten up a human being like this? He is a very bad representation of other congolese gospel artists, and He should not only be ashamed of having not just disappointed his children but God also.

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