Your destiny sees beyond your qualifications

Femme d’Espérance had the pleasure of interviewing a young entrepreneur who had a wonderful business idea.

Erika is a nurse clinician in Canada and a passionate of Christ who serves among the youth of her church.

As said before, she came up with an ingenious idea that will change your ring shopping.

If you have known the stress of searching for the perfect ring for your sweetheart, if you have known the fear that your fiancé might choose a horrible engagement ring, you will surely encourage those around you to check out her website.

Indeed, this platform will facilitate, for a man, the process of buying the right jewel. He will have access to a register of rings his beloved has already saved, and he will only have to choose from this selection.

“It’s stressful to say to yourself I’ve found the right one and want to propose to her, so why not reduce that stress by making the process of buying the ring easier? », Confided Erika.

As I talked with Erika, I wondered how this concept came to be. Has she had it in mind for years? Did she have a vision at some point? Anyway, how did it come out of her head?

Her answer surprised me. She told me that she was far from thinking her idea would turn into a business.

“At first I did this to help friends. This is how it started, just to help friends!”

In recent years, many of her friends got engaged and they often confided in her their favorites in terms of rings and the groom-to-be always came to Erika for advice.

As she helped them and enjoyed doing it, she said to herself: “Why not create a platform where women would no longer need to go through me and where a man would have direct access to the wishes of his future wife”.

The way she has set up her company should make us understand this: “Do not despise small beginnings because they are the creators of your destiny, as innocent as they may appear.”

E Rings Me was built to help her friends and then little by little she saw the potential that God had instilled in her.

What is amazing is how God can qualify you for areas that seem beyond your ability!

Erika is a 28 year old lady who is a nurse and she was propelled, without causing it, into a professional environment that was completely unknown to her.

Many of us, starting with myself, would just limit themselves to sending photos to our loved ones once we know they are ready to propose. All because what we do not know tends to scare us.

Even so, it has not been her testimony. She did not have the know of a jeweler or how to create a website but that did not slow her down from undertaking.

Of course, the next question is how did she do it? “Honestly, I was pretty naive when I started out. I told myself that it must be easy, it must not be complicated, you put photos of rings on a website and that is it. I told myself that it was going to be really simple. I did not expect it to be so demanding and complex. “

As you can see, she quickly realized that there were challenges. By the grace of God, these challenges allowed her to discover new skills. However, she still had to outdo herself personally and ask for help.

For her, “when you have a vision or a project and you want to do it the right way, you cannot do it all on your own. You need to be surrounded by a group of confidants, of trusted friends who believe in the vision but first and foremost in you and who want to see you succeed beyond their personal interests. “

In order to choose who would accompany her in this project, she prayed that God would reveal to her who to include because she did not want to be deceived by her emotions.

Thanks to this, Erika really has a quality entourage who encouraged her, advised her and kept her alert.

“Do not be afraid to say you don’t know something, humility is the foundation of everything. Put yourself on the learner’s bench, take the time to learn because success does not come overnight. She continued.

What is even more incredible is to see how God designed her environment even before this project came to be. She was surrounded by experienced entrepreneurs, talented people, long before she thought of starting E Rings Me.

It demonstrates the reality of the God’s Word which says in Rom 8:30: “And those whom he predestined he also called; and those whom he called he also justified; and those whom he justified he also glorified. “

God is not content with just qualifying us, he qualifies those around us because he knows that we need each other, that we complement each other and that together we go further!

Erika also knew how to seek training, to get information so as to work on the skills she lacked.

“You have to be curious and get the information. If you have a question, do ask! go do the research yourself because it is proven that when you seek the information yourself you retain it easily. You have to work for what you want, nothing is given for free. “

As her project evolved, she realized that E Rings Me is not just a business idea. Indeed, E Rings Me carries a much bigger vision which is that of marriage.

Erika realized there was more because she wanted those who buy these wedding rings to be a testament to a successful marriage. So, she was keen to give what she did not especially see around her and to offer the teaching that she did not receive.

“I want to use my platforms to show real couples, who will share their experiences with us to equip us in different ways. I wanted to promote a true and realistic message. “

What she did not receive and that she wanted to transmit is based on the love of God. Had she not known the love of God, it would have been difficult for her to renew her image of marriage. What is more, she is inspired by people who have strong marriages and who have Jesus Christ as the center of it all.


What one could take away from Erika is the humility of her heart. She recognized that without God, without her entourage and without the renewal of intelligence, she could not have brought E Rings Me to where it is now.

“The heart of man rises before ruin comes; but humility precedes glory”. Prov 18:12

Do not hesitate to watch her video interview for even more details and to check her out on Facebook, Instagram and on her own website: E Rings Me.

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