Marie-Lisa Munezero –A story of resilience

Last weekend, April 3rd 2022, Femmes d’Esperance hosted its very first in-person event in Dendermonde, Belgium. The event was organized as a way to start conversations about conjugal violence. The guest of honour, Marie-Lisa Munezero, delivered an eloquent account of her story in which she insisted it was God who helped her through her darkest times. Part of this story is already available on our Instagram but this time around there was an opportunity for attendees to interact with one another and exchange on this difficult topic.

Singer and song writer, Lydia Nishimwe was also present. She performed her latest song Tu es Capable (You are able) which according to attendees tied the whole evening together as the song reminds that indeed nothing is impossible to God.

Though I read and try to stay on top of literature when it comes to this kind of violence, there is a particular feeling of powerlessness when these things happen in Christian families, our families.

How could we have missed it? When did it get so bad? Are we so incompetent that these things should happen under our noses without us knowing? All these questions came through my mind as I was having a conversation with Marie-Lisa. I will not pretend to have found all the answers today but here are a few lessons I learned from her testimony, and I hope you too can share with us what stood/stands out for you.


  1. Take responsibility for your share of the problem
  2. Overcome what you consider to be shameful to save your life
  3. Others before you succeeded in getting out, why not you?
  4. God is the only SUSTAINABLE way out!
  5. You are worthy of another chance

Highlights of the event

Stay tuned for the video recording.

If you too have a story to share, please get in touch with us through our contact form or social media. Our mission is to share hope and your story could be the bridge someone else needs to get to the other side.


Many blessings,


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