Femmes  d’Espérance Coaching

This program is for you if you are (one or more of the following):

  • High School student ( A level, O level, 5-6th year and equivalent) or transitioning from High School to Higher Education
  • Student in higher education,
    looking for a job, early career or entrepreneur
  • Engaged or newly wedded/ young parent
  • Involved in ministry or willing to be more involved / eager to grow in faith
  • You have dreams but do not know how to make them come true

Our program is designed to address 3 main aspects: spiritual life, professional life and social life. Added to this is a 4th point that varies from person to person because it is the Mentee who defines it.

Spiritual Life: To work with a mentor is to have a person of your choice to whom you will be accountable. A trustworthy person who is always there when you need to talk, empty the bag or just to put order between you and God. It’s also an opportunity to really discover your call and have personalized support to help you walk in your destiny.

Professional Life: To work with a mentor is to have unlimited access to his/her experience and professional network. This framework affects all aspects of life in education as well as the transition from the end of studies to the labour market. You may need a helping hand to write a resume, make a scholarship application or tips for getting a promotion, this program is for you.

Social Life: Working with a mentor means having a companion to learn how to manage your relationships. Our mentors draw from scriptures and biblical principle to help you navigate relationships such as family, friendship, love life, parenting, etc. You do not have to endure the social pressures that our society is building in the name of love. Relationships are a gift from God and He gave them to us for our good.

Other: This last point helps you introduce a topic that is important to you and that you want to work on. For example, you need to learn time management, finances management, a particular project or something else. Whatever the subject, our mentors are committed to supporting you in your project and pray with you throughout.

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