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My name is Manzi Delphine, I am a social worker trained in Belgium. I worked at the Brussels social center (CPAS) for the last 8 years. I love and serve the Lord at CEP-Brussels, Belgium.

I am passionate about the youth, I love motivating young people to move forward professionally, spiritually, socially and more. I firmly believe that you are valuable, that you have potential to be a blessing in society. I believe  that the Lord has a great plan and a future for your life! So please get in touch.

My name is Ingabire Vestine, I hold a master’s degree in economics sciences, I work at Lineas SA as a Business  Controller.

I love and serve the Lord at CEP-Brussels. My objective is to help you progress in the different aspects of your life. I am convinced that working together, with the grace of God, we will achieve great things together.

Hi there,

My name is Josephine, I studied law at the University of Kent. I am a researcher at Carleton University. I love and serve the Lord at ECLEP where I am responsible for external relations.

My passion is to encourage and motivate the youth of my community so that we may all of us walk into the destiny God has set for us.



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4 thoughts on “Discover your Mentors
  1. Bonjour,
    C’est un bon travail qui a été fait sur ce site. Je vois des coachs d’excellence et rempli du saint esprit ?
    Que Dieu vous utilisez à transformer des millions de vies.
    Un petit point pour améliorer la qualité du site : la mise en page pourriez vous l’adapter au système androïde et iphone car le texte s’affiche mal ?
    Sinon rien à dire tout est impeccable. C’est du travail des champions

    Bonne continuation

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