Is modesty fashionable?

Recently, we have been seeing hashtags like #modesty, #modestoutfits or #modestfashion on our social networks. This movement goes against the grain of mainstream fashion, which pushes women to reveal their bodies.


Looking at blogs, Instagram pages, Pinterest these looks really make you want to renew your wardrobe. They overturn the preconceived ideas we have about sartorial modesty. Indeed, these clothes perfectly marry modernity, modesty and originality.


I don’t know about you, but when I was told about modesty in clothing, I just saw a long skirt or loose dress, sometimes with memorable patterns, and no trousers!


As a Christian, I know this inescapable verse in 1 Timothy 2:9 “I also want women to dress decently, with modesty, and to wear their clothes in a way that is not offensive.

I also want women to dress decently, modestly and modestly, not with braids, gold, pearls or sumptuous clothes”. I was often told this and preached it myself. That being said, I also found this view of dressing rather rigid.


This topic is often debated, because modesty is understood differently depending on the church, the culture and the sensitivity of each person. The first time I saw a pastor with a hole in his jeans, I spent more time looking at the hole and wondering if “a Christian, especially a pastor, can dress like that”, instead of listening to him because it was the opposite of what I had been taught.


This experience made me question myself. Finally, was my notion of modesty, as far as dressing is concerned, guided by doctrine or conviction? And what is modesty?


After some reflection I had this answer: “The way I dress should testify to my difference in this world, it should testify that I am in Christ and finally it should reflect, in all honesty, who I am.


But what does this mean in practice?


I had the opportunity to discuss this topic with two young women of faith and entrepreneurs, who launched their online clothing shop in October 2020.


AUDA PARIS was created by Hashley and Laetitia. They noticed a lack of visible Christian examples for young people. There were very few role models for young people and young adults to look up to in terms of modesty. With their brand, their aim was to show that dressing modestly does not mean being a ‘has-been’ or sharing your grandmother’s wardrobe. AUDA PARI wants to “make modesty trendy” by offering unforgettable modern pieces and by placing the virtuous woman, rather than the sensual woman, in the spotlight.


“It is possible to be beautiful and decently dressed”.

During our conversation, they reminded me that being a Christian is first and foremost an attitude of the heart, but this attitude must also be reflected in the way we dress. Moreover, it is important to know how to take care of ourselves, by putting on clothes that reveal our beauty and femininity.


This conversation was truly inspiring. Not only do they bring strong values to the fashion world but Laetitia and Hashley encourage us through their business to be Proverbs 31 women. They encourage us to be brave, loyal, caring women, hard-working, compassionate women, women who are in tune with the times but who do not forget their values and convictions.



Last but not least, the following is their encouragement to you: “Be a woman of determination in action and do not lose sight of your objective. Redouble your efforts and have faith!”


I invite you to visit their shop. You will find some beautiful and timeless pieces. Also, feel free to follow them on Instagram and YouTube for more inspiration.



By Grace Brialmont

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