Invitation: Live with Laetitia Mulumba

On Saturday, October 23rd at 2pm (Mtl)/8pm (Paris), Femmes d’Espérance will host Laetitia Mulumba in a Live on Instagram. Our guest is a seasoned artist who is a singer and songwriter but above all a woman with a big heart for souls. Married and mother of one child, Laetitia has gone through trying times that have brought her closer to God and in the face of his rescue, she often expresses her gratitude through music. Much is to be discovered on our guest but in the following lines you will find a short testimony on her faith path.

The conversation will be a convivial time among women of faith. We invite you, invite your friends too so that we can all learn from each other’s experiences.

Her story

My name is Laetitia MULUMBA, I am a born-again Christian, in everyday life, I am a mother and a wife, my little family and I live in France.

As far as my faith in Jesus Christ is concerned, 25 years ago a cousin of mine invited me to a prayer meeting. I was very young and didn’t understand much, to be honest. I went just to get out and meet new people. That said, I was born in a Catholic Christian family, I had faith in God but I was still a stranger to his promises, that day I discovered an unknown universe but this experience made something in my heart, I did not know that this was the beginning of a beautiful love story with my Savior, because even if I did not really know him, he knew me and loved me already, as it is said in his word he loved us first. Hallelujah!


Unfortunately, knowing deep inside my heart that I love God was not enough because I backslid, though I was touched, I continued my life of ignorance for another 5 years. Also, the lack of teaching to strengthen my faith did not help. In 2001, the Lord Jesus came to seek me, I began to understand little by little and very quickly I made the decision to be baptized by immersion. That wonderful day, I made the decision to walk with God seriously, in the same year I had my baptism of the Holy Spirit, and there I understood that nothing would ever be the same again.

I arrived in France in 2003 but I didn’t find the church life I was used to immediately and that threw me off balance in my walk with the Lord. It didn’t take long for me to abandon my faith again for a while by living like all the people of the world. You know, the Bible tells us that ‘you are in the world, but you are not of the world’. Although at that time I didn’t have this revelation, I lived it because as I was living in disobedience, I was very unhappy. Everything I touched was falling apart, I had no friends, no money, I was just an unhappy young woman, despised, mocked, shamed in the true sense of the word, I felt I had no value in the eyes of men. I had hit rock bottom as they say!

One evening, I was all alone, and I took stock of my life. I cried because I realized that it was not going well at all, I recognized that I needed help. The word of God assures us that there is still hope and this made me decide to call on God with a sincere cry. My soul was in distress and the Lord answered me and helped me, that’s why I love the psalm 121 and later I wrote a song from this psalm, this song evokes a little about the state of my life at that time. Since that day, it’s been 15 years now and I don’t regret anything but my wasted time.  The Lord is my life, He is my treasure, and I cannot live without Him.


My message to you dear reader

The Lord saved me and called me to announce the good news of salvation. That is why I invite you, dear reader, if you see that your life has no meaning, if you think that you are going from failure to failure, call on your Creator, he is the only one who has the perfect plan for your life, and he has promised to respond to those who cry out to him and to come to their rescue. He did it for me, he will do it for you. There is hope!  Remember, he said come to me all you who are weary and burdened I will give you rest Amen. (Matthew 11: 28-30).


Laetitia is Gospel artist who sings mostly in Kinyarwanda. Discover her latest song here:

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