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Femmes d’Espérance is pleased to start the new year with the launch of Femmes d’Espérance Store.

Our very first product, Mon Planner 2022, is now available to order. It was graciously designed by Ms. Blandine Bado, a talented and rising artist who is passionate about finding practical solutions in everyday life.

Why a planner?

A planner is a necessary companion to whoever has a personal or entrepreneurship project. It is a strategic tool to help those who are determined to doing more than 9 to 5, those who have care responsibilities, want to go further in their talents and really… have time for themselves.

What’s in it?

The Planner 2022 contains the following:

Calendars: annual, monthly weekly calendars of 2022
Writing sections: Goals, Habits, Personal Care, Devotion, other notes.
Other: planning tips, inspirational quotes, self-evaluation space

Why buy it?

Our planner is not just another planner, it has been conceived to help you all year long. It is not just a practical tool to have on one’s desk, your purchase will support the work and activities of Femmes d’Espérance. Particularly, we hope to produce more and targeted planners for students and mothers, with English and French versions.

Where can I get it?
Online or in person.


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