Adesola Ogunsakin – Inspiration of the Month

How I got to learn about Ms Adesola Ogunsakin is a funny story! It was on a regular day, I was going on with whatever was keeping me busy at home and I had music playing on YouTube. Every now and then I would turn, take the remote and skip the ads. Then, all of a sudden I heard Ms Ogunsakin talking and I turn to look at the screen.

What I was seeing appeared to be a sort of RBC- future entrepreneur ad and I would normally skip these ads, especially now that is Black History Month. Still, what caught my attention was that she had started her business in 2019. thus, to think that it had only been a little less than 5 years to achieve what she has now was inspiration number 1.

Dr. Adesola O.

Fast forward, she talked about her training in the medical field and not being able to secure employment after graduating. Of course, this is something that I can relate to and so many others in the community. Her academic achievement was inspiration number 2 but the fact that her company was all about bags and nothing to do with health really kept me watching. The idea that education will necessarily lead to employment is a thing of another era (definitely not for this day and age) but the value of education is the ability to think and solve problems. Ms Ogunsakin is a living example of that.

As I continued to watch, she then talked about what a regular day is like for her. The first thing that stood out for me was that she gives ‘10% of her time to God’. She starts her day with meditation and reading the word. As the editors of the video ad well designed every sequence, they then showed what looked like a prayer journal and paused on a hand written verse 8 of Joshua chapter 1. At that point, I was like… I must google this person and see what these bags are all about. You can visit Retro Bag Canada here.

To cut the story short, I watched the entire YouTube ad, this is extremely rare.



By Josie

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