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This year, one of my mentees asked me what I was reading at the moment. She knows I love to read and was looking for something inspiring, but not necessarily “Christian”, to change from her usual reading list.

I have to admit that I panicked a bit, because frankly, this is not a request I get often, and I didn’t have much to offer her. Of course, I’m in a period of my life where I don’t have much time to read and when I can, I read about education and early childhood first because I have two little ones who are young. However, this was not a question about the seasons of life, she wanted something other than the usual Bible studies, testimonies or biographies. She just wanted a good book without the risk of interacting, or even getting her mind dirty, with all kinds of philosophies.


Well, I am more than excited to introduce you to Editions Shadow, because the novels they offer include a great selection of books and, moreover, they are written by women of faith, women who have Christian values… isn’t that something extraordinary? Shadow Editions is also a set of qualifications and professional experience in writing.

Erika will tell us all about who they are, what they do, and how you can submit a manuscript, but for now, let me just put one of the most recently published books here for you to discover.

Note: the following book is only available in French and this is not an official translation of  its overview.

Till Death Do Us Part by Kiera Manchel

Eva and Elijah are two longtime friends. Accompanied by their respective husbands and children, these two women have created a perfect life for themselves. While Elie has a rather ordinary life, Eva works tirelessly to shape the family that life has given her as a second chance. She is married to Marc, and together they have been able to heal the scars of life and discover true love. They promised to love each other for better or for worse. But are they really ready to face what’s ahead? Will their love and friendships survive the trials that await them? When the past comes out of nowhere to mar the present, it’s more than vital to stick together…

Saturday, November 26 at 2pm Montreal time, Femmes d’Espérance invites you to a LIVE on Instagram about the power of writing. Josie, who you already know will be hosting Erika, the editorial manager of Shadow Publishing.

Go ahead and pay them a virtual visit at:


Instagram: @editionsshadow


by Josie




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