Invitation: Hybridity, Culture and Faith -Special Mother’s Day

To all our members and followers, we are thrilled to be back this spring with another LIVE event on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK.

Have you ever been asked ‘where are you from?’ and after answering you just knew the answer was not exactly accurate but because it is complex simply worked out a short version that you tell people. Well you are not the only one! In this Live broadcast we will talk about all things hybrid, culture and faith. Does having multiple cultural hats in one’s identity an opportunity or a limitation? Join us for this important conversation.

We are thrilled to announce that for this event our keynote will be Clementine Ingabire. She is a woman of faith, a trained psychologist and psychotherapist but she is also a seasoned speaker who will be addressing the theme of Hybridity, Culture and Faith with a paper titled ‘Partner with God to accomplish your Destiny’.

To learn more about Clementine Ingabire, please visit her website at

The program will also feature Diane Ufitinema who will present her company and a brand-new health section presented by nurse Laurence.


The broadcast will stream live on Youtube and Facebook on May 9th which will also be mother’s day in Cananda. Please help us spread the word about this event and join us in this great celebration of mothers.

Mark your calendars for May 9th 2021 at 14h(Toronto)/ 20h (Paris).


Did you miss our Winter event 2021? You can still watch it Femmes d’Esperance Gala broadcast in honour of international women’s day.

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